Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Aren't You Gone?

Good Question.

First, I'm prepared. I've got food and water for weeks, batteries, and all the stuff you need.

Second, I'm in a good place, though in a bad location. Well-built multi-story house, cinder block ground level, (for twisters) three stories plus an attic, (for floods). The house took about five feet of water during Katrina. It'd take a 30 ft. flood, minimum, to drown me.

Third, I've ridden out storms before, most notably Allen in '80. I'm former Marine infantry, first aid instructor certified, blah-blah-blah, so I feel as though I can pretty much handle whatever could happen. Only real likely Bad Thing I can forsee getting me would be a tornado with no warning. I feel safer here with my gear as opposed to huddling in a shelter somewhere.

I'd rather be on hand to help with the immediate aftermath if it's bad. Think of me as an unofficial First Responder. Rather be a sheepdog than a sheep.

So, I figured while I'm here, I might as well post an eyewitness account of the festivities. I've got still and video cameras, and will post what I can for as long as the power, and then my UPS, holds out.

Gustav is presently hammering Cuba. Things are supposed to be getting interesting here in about 24 hours. I'll snap a few "before" pics tomorrow when it gets light.

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orangejack said...

I live-blogged through Hurricane Charlie and Hurricane Francis here in Orlando. I'd expect Gustav to be worse. One tip - have multiple medias to post/update like power, cable, dsl, mobile - some may be up while others down. I eventually had to post via dial-up b/c power (thus wireless) flickered. Praying for you and the area