Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'm happy to report that the Powers That Be, no doubt singed by their Katrina experience, seem to be on top of things. Both the NG and NOPD are all over the Quarter, and I'm told the rest of the city. Nagin has been all over the tube warning looters that they will go to jail, directly to jail, in this case, Angola, the state prison.

The National Guard on Bourbon

Troops of the 141st

I talked with these soldiers for a bit. Most have been to the SandBox. The boarded windows are de rigeur for all of The Quarter.

All the participants are on the stage, just waiting for the Special Guest to arrive. Hurry up and wait.


Poshboy said...

Marcus, it goes without saying, stay safe and stay indoors. I have bookmarked your blog; some of the best observations about New Orlean's response to Katrina came from bloggers.

I look forward to reading about your adventure over the next 48 hours. Americans are tough and intelligent, despite what the MSM blathers on about in crises like these. You'll do fine, as long as you use your head.

--Poshboy, Arlington, Va.

David Baker said...

Good to see the National Guard already in place - not to watch "you," but the New Orleans police, the primary shooters and looters during Katrina.

Meanwhile, all your pics are great - hope we'll get to see some of the same scenes "after."

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