Sunday, August 31, 2008


It seems unreal - popped onto to bike and took the short ride to The Quarter, which is, predictably, deserted. The weather seems normal - that is, hot, humid, a smattering of clouds.

Decatur Street @ the French Market is normally full of vendors and shoppers

Looking Down Bourbon to Canal

There are more media than locals on the streets. Invariably, the first question locals asked after seeing me with a clunky digital camera was, "Who are you with?"

When I told them myself, and that I'd be blogging events, they all wanted me to take a pic and give them the link.

Response from the MSM was, shall we say, a bit chillier. You could almost see the disdain in their face when I mentioned I was a blogger.

Some AP crew - the talking head wouldn't give me her name

Of course, there will ALWAYS be someone on the street. NOPD showed up and took him to a shelter about an hour after I snapped this.

Sleeping It Off

I did manage to achieve another aim. I found a small grocery store still open on Dauphine, so I picked up a few odds and ends (coffee, snacks) that I could have done without, but still wanted.

The latest reports say that that it's about 24 hours til it gets interesting, and this idyllic weather will seem as unreal as gale force winds seem now.

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