Saturday, August 30, 2008

St Bernard Bugout

The St. Bernard Parish firefighters are leaving, as they don't think that their trucks are gonna survive if they stay. They're going to redeploy, and return as soon as possible afterward.

For you people that aren't familiar with LA, "parishes" are what you call counties. St. Bernard parish is the eastern part of New Orleans, one of the lower lying parts of the city, and one of the hardest hit by Katrina. It was 99% flooded.

Orleans Parish is the older and higher part of the city - what most of you saw if you've visited. The French Quarter, Garden District, etc. Katrina got 80% of it.

The first fire station just re-opened in St. Bernard a few months ago.


Jim said...

Just found you link on The Other Side of Kim. I will be checking in on your site for regular updates. If power goes down how will you post? Are the phone lines and cable buried or strung on poles that can get blown down?

Marcus said...

Wireless on the laptop - router on cable. Cable buried, but some runs are stapled to exterior walls. I have two big UPS's for the lapper and the router. No idea how long they'll last - they've never needed extended use, just handling momentary glitches. Last resort is 12v charger off a vehicle.

Skookum John said...

I don't think the cable system will survive this. You are risking your life for nothing.