Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, Gustav ended up hammering the coastal parishes and Baton Rouge a lot harder than it did New Orleans.

Power is a big problem. The regional electric Monopoly says it has never been hit harder - to include Katrina. It makes a bit of sense, as Gustav was much more of a wind storm than a surge or rain-bringer. 13 of the 14 main transmission lines bringing power to the city went down. They're talking two weeks to get power completely restored.

I'll have more thoughts on how to cope with power outages later, in another post. I hae Definitely learned a lot, and there are several things I would do different.

Now, about that fight...

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rdasher said...

A portable generator would help a lot, for those staying. But make sure you have plenty of gas.

Even with power was the internet still on? Cellphone Internet may work.

That head wound looks nasty. Get well soon.